Maple Leaf Shawl finished


This is the first shawl I have knitted, and a rare thing in that I don’t usually use lace weight wool or knit lacy patterns. I get bogged down if there are too many holes!

I started the project three weeks ago when I fell ill with a bad cold, and sitting on the sofa knitting in between sneezing was about all I was good for…

I finally washed and shaped the shawl yesterday, and given that it is knitted in whole rows – there are no short rows or bits cast on or off to make the points of the leaf shape – I am fascinated that it turned out so well.

So it feels great to have a piece of work completed that is not my usual kind of project. The pattern is by Maria Magnusson and came free with a copy of The Knitter. There was a slight error at the end of the pattern as it was printed, but I fixed it by looking at the excellent photographs.

Now my wrists are trashed, as anyone else with hypermobility will understand, but it was well worth it!


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2 responses to “Maple Leaf Shawl finished”

  1. pippa says :

    Love your Maple Leaf shawl – is the pattern available? Appeals to me – I spent about ten years in Canada.

    • cwyl says :

      It was a freebie in The Knitter magazine. It will more than likely be available somehow on Ravelry, though it might be a paid for pattern on there. I like the designer because she is also an engineer like me! If all else fails, I could lend you my copy. Mum knitted three in quick succession…

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