About Me

I have lived most of my life in my birth city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, though I would much prefer to start a whole new life in the Yorkshire Dales, keeping a small-holding and living a more connected and quiet life.  Maybe then I could spend proper time with my two rescue cats, named after characters from books by my favourite author, Terry Pratchett.

Terry Pratchett during the presentation of Ste...

Terry Pratchett during the presentation of Stelle cadenti (italian translation of Moving Pictures) in Milan, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I currently work for the NHS as a medical devices technician, repairing, calibrating, safety testing and servicing all manner of medical equipment.  Anything from a diathermy to a syringe driver could be on my bench at any one time.  I enjoy doing something that directly helps to care for patients and keeps them safe, and I like to do things that save the hospital money. In the current climate, this is essential!

Outside work I do all sorts of things – mostly allotment gardening, Pilates, reading, country walking, being a triathlon widow/supporter, knitting, and Argentine tango.  You will probably find out as my blog grows that there are loads of other things too.

English: Argentinian tango in the streets of S...

English: Argentinian tango in the streets of San Telmo, Buenos Aires (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 responses to “About Me”

  1. pippa says :

    OMG – my brother’s first job was as a journalist with the Bradford Telegraph and Argosy [sp?]. I’m actually from Selby, a small town just 12 miles south of York. It’s a small world. I now live in the woods of Northern Michigan. It was a circuitous route via London, Toronto Canada, Windsor Canada working in Detroit Michigan, then part way north to Saginaw Michigan, and finally my husband and I settled in the midst of the woods on the banks of a trout stream, in a small log home where nothing, not even below zero Fahrenheit, will move us out. Enough about me. What drew me to your blog was the name, you see Peter, my husband, is from Wales, and Cwyl has such a Welsh ring to it. I will be following you.

    • cwyl says :

      Hi Pippa. I think you may have lived at least part of a life I would love to live, especially the bit in Canada! My grandma had a lot of cousins who moved out there over 100 years ago, probably on the £10 bribery tickets… Cwyl was “Clare Walsh Yorkshire Lass”, and I did do a cursory check online to make sure it wasn’t an unfortunate word in Welsh! 😉 I’ll definitely be following your blog.

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