Baking and Brewing

Blackcurrant Wine after racking into demijohn

Blackcurrant Wine after racking into demijohn

Partly because I have an allotment and get gluts of things, and partly because I have a bit of a hippy streak, I love to make things myself.  I have recently just started making wine from the fruits off the allotment – mostly to free up space in the freezer for things that cannot be properly preserved like peas and beans.

The blackcurrant wine seems to be doing well, with a rough estimate of 12.5% to 13% alcohol – calculated from a starting specific gravity of 1088 and 994 when it was racked.   The biggest issue is going to be finding somewhere where there is a steady room temperature high enough for long enough through the winter to keep it all going properly.

Gooseberries mashing with yeast

Gooseberries mashing with yeast

Wine does not like rapid or large changes in temperature, so being in a Victorian terraced stone house with elderly electric storage heaters for heating may be a challenge.  I can wake up with ice on the duvet…  My wines may have to lodge elsewhere for the worst of the winter months.


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