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Photography expedition to Scaleber Force

At the weekend.  I went out into the Yorkshire Dales with Tim to try to make the most of the lovely weather.  This has been increasingly important in the UK this year, because the weather has been extremely weird!  We had a fairly dry winter with slightly more than usual snow, followed by a couple of fantastic weeks in spring, and then massive rainfall.

At the wrong end of October, any dry, sunny or extra-warm days are to be savoured, because we know that winter is fast approaching.  There is already a forecast of Siberian winds to bring the first snows at the weekend for the North of England.  (Scotland has already had some freak snow, I believe.)

So we took our cameras out to Scaleber Force, a pretty waterfall in land owned by the Woodland Trust in the limestone hills near Settle in North Yorkshire. Here is Scaleber from the top:

English: Scaleber Force. A lovely waterfall ne...

English: Scaleber Force. A lovely waterfall near Settle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a lovely day, and while we did not have direct sunlight into the waterfall, we did get a chance to try long exposures to get the water to look blurred while everything else was in focus.  Tim got some good shots with his digital camera – I will have to wait to see what comes out on the film in mine!  This is not one of ours, just a great shot of the falls.  A couple of tree stumps have fallen in since this one was taken at the foot of the falls:

Scaleber Force

Scaleber Force (Photo credit: Moonrhino)

I love being out in the Dales, especially when the road is narrow and steep.  Somehow part of the adventure is the successful navigation on what were built as sheep-droving tracks, with their high limestone dry-stone walls and random glimpses of the fields beyond.  Only the occasional widening gives room to pass other cars, and some of the hills are too steep for my handbrake to hold the car…  One day I would like to learn real rally-driving techniques, but until then this is the closest I get.

English: Dry stone walls in England near Malha...

English: Dry stone walls in England near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales (North Yorkshire), United Kingdom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were going to photograph some of the Highland cattle in one of the fields we passed, but there was no-where to stop as we travelled by. We will have to go back and find one of the many footpaths to capture the cattle for ourselves. They look at their best in the cold, when their breath forms clouds over them.

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